Dr. Cox purchased Floerke Veterinary Clinic in 2017 and transitioned the practice to become Cross Point Veterinary Clinic shortly thereafter. Floerke Vet Clinic was established in 1983 as a one doctor, one exam room practice. Today, CPVC exists in the same location as Floerke Vet Clinic but with 2 doctors, 5 exam rooms, a surgery room, pharmacy, and lobby area. The building itself has changed immensely, but the excellent service and small-town country feel, has remained constant through the years.

The meaning of the name Cross Point is twofold.

1) Our clinic stands as a crossing point for the paths of our team members and our clients. Each crossing point is an opportunity to come together and impact someone in a positive way.

2) We believe what was done on the cross for us is the point of all we do. We are placed on this Earth for the sole reason of helping and loving others. ALL others.

Cross Point Veterinary Clinic provides excellent service, quality veterinary care, given by compassionate team members with caring hearts, positive attitudes, ready to serve others. At CPVC, we serve people by investing our passion into the care of their animals.

CPVC is growing! Long term plans for Cross Point include purchasing property in the Taft/Portland area and building a bigger practice with greater opportunities to serve more people. While our physical space may one day be moved and expanded, we stand firm in keeping the mission of our clinic. We take pride in being the “small town vet” that can offer “big city services”.

Community Involvement:
CPVC desires to be involved in the communities and to bring communities together. We are advocates for other small businesses and strong believers that together, everyone achieves more. We delight in being able to sponsor and support various organizations throughout our communities.

Cross Point Kids:
Here at CPVC, we believe in the power of education. We want our young people to feel encouraged and valued. We have programs in place that allow the youth who visit our vet clinic to be involved in their pet’s health care. We feel that a “hands on” experience will enable a child to better connect with the veterinary field and spark a passion for animals and knowledge. We provide stethoscopes and lab coats for use during a child’s visit with their pet. We also stock our lobby area and exam rooms with children’s books about animals and veterinary care. Our team is trained on positive interactions geared toward children, as we truly welcome the whole family to be involved in their pet’s care. We look forward to expanding our services geared toward young people and students of all ages.

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Reviews and Ratings:
The team at CPVC is always striving to not only meet, but exceed every client’s expectations. If we ever fall short of your expectations, please speak with one of our managers and provide us with some feedback so that we may improve our services and/or make the necessary changes within our practice.

If we have met or exceeded your expectations, please kindly take the time to write a review of us on Google or Facebook, or simply visit one of these sites to provide a 5-star rating. We appreciate your business and want to ensure that we are serving you to the best of your needs. We also have a system in a place called “Catch me at my Best” which allows clients to leave positive feedback on comment cards, which then serve as a way to recognize excellent efforts provided by our team members. Please look for this setup in our front lobby area and grab a comment card at your convenience. Thank you for helping our team to serve you in the best way possible.

Come in as clients, leave as family!